Jainco Inks and Chemicals is a leading developer and manufacturer of UV coating and UV-IR combination drying machinery for a wide variety of applications including digital, offset, and screen print finishing, photo albums, PVC coating etc.

Jainco Industry Chemicals is a pioneer in the field of UV curable varnishes, developing and manufacturing several grades of special finishes for various gloss and texture effects. Additional products include metal pretreatment chemicals (for cold blackening, and phosphating), and silver scratch ink.

These UV varnishes, along with the UV equipments are widely adopted as a next generation technology in the print finishing and photo finishing industry, with several advantages over the conventional plastic lamination.

Here at Jainco we are in a unique position since we integrate all the functions of UV coating and curing technology for the user in a customized manner.



JaincoUV introduces UV varnishes and UV coaters for toner ink based Digital Prints ( from Xerox, Konika Minolta, Cannon ......)