Clinsol - LDS (Metal Pretreatment Chemicals)



Clinsol LDS (a liquid degreaser cum rust preventive)


  • Water Based
  • Water Dilutable



  1. Cleaner cum rust preventor
  2. Provides temporary rust protection to cleaned parts.
  3. No blockage at nozzles in spray equipment.
  4. Low operating temp (approx. 50°C)
  5. Saving on energy cost, ETP costs and maintenance costs.
  6. Useful for Ultra Sonic Cleaning, Barreling, Sonic Cleaning, Vibro Deburring, Spray
  7. Cleaning, Spray-cum-dip Cleaning etc.
  8. Very low alkalinity, very efficient cleaner at low temp.
  9. Easier effluent treatment & lower discard quantities.