Export worthy Phosphating (Metal Pretreatment Chemicals)



Exporting Phosphated Components


Our unique range of phosphating and rust preventive chemicals can be of great help to your industry.


Want to ship components to be painted by your overseas buyer?
Contact us for details and export worthy phosphate coating chemicals and process.


Want to export components with the best quality rust preventive oils after phosphating?
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Ni Modified Zinc Phosphating, low temperature, low sludging dip.


JIC products provide excellent rust prevention along with additional advantage like paintability, non-flammability etc. We manufacture several products for different applications


Special grade of Passivation allows for components to be shipped in phosphated condition to be painted by customer abroad


Water Dilutable Paintable


Prepaint rust preventive, a water dilutable product.
Usage: Provides superior protection over black oxide and phosphate coatings.


Methods of Application: Dipping preferably warmed to 50 - 80°C followed by about 30 minutes drying.
Used at 3% - 5% by volume in water. Can directly paint/ powder coat afterwards.


*All technical details/specifications or machines are subject to change as per the manufacturer's discretion