Kold Black, Room temperature Blackening

(Metal Pretreatment Chemicals)





Kold Black (chemicals for cold blackening and antiquing)


  • Complete range of chemicals for blackening at room temperature for all types of metal casting and forging.
  • Even powered metals can be blackened easily without problems like red/brown coatings or salt leaching.
  • Excellent result on tools, machine components, valves, pumps, hydraulic system, powder drive components, fasteners and other tight tolerance parts which require a non-dimensional finish.


Steel Kold Black KBR: For blackening of all ferrous except S. S.
KOLD BLACK KBA: Activator for KBR.
RUSTOKLIN-142: Cleaner / Activator for Iron and Steel parts.
Copper Alloys, Silver,
Nickle, Antiqueing
M20: Antique Black for Brass, Bronze and Copper.
M21: Antique Black for Brass, Copper, Silver and bright Nickel Plating.
M39: Antique Brown for Brass, Bronze and Copper.