Miscellaneous Chemicals(Metal Pretreatment Chemicals)



Miscellaneous Chromatizing
NEUTRAL-SBP: Additive to collect wash away paint from conventional spray booths. CHROMAL-CD: Chromatizing for Aluminium, greenish coating cold, dip.
COMBO-SBP: Paint spray booth additive, to collect wash away paint. CHROMAL-YL: Chromatizing for Aluminium, yellow coating, cold, dip.
COPKLIN-C: To clean brass component, room temp., dip.  



Paint/Powder paints Remover Heat Treatment
STRIPAL-123: For paint stripping, cold or hot, dip. Temp Salt -160: Tempering salt, 160°C and above.
STRIPAL-246: For stripping powder coat, cold or hot, dip.

Temp Salt - 200: Tempering salt, 200° - 220°C, Colors: steel/ gold/ blue/ black.

PAINT REMOVER: Alkaline, for paint stripping, hot, dip. Hard Salt -660: Neutral Hardening Salt. 600° C-1000° C
PAINT STRIPAL: Solvent based paint strippers. Black Salt: To impart black color to steel component.



*All technical details/specifications or machines are subject to change as per the manufacturer's discretion.